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Jordan becomes the first Arab country to launch a tourist pass (Jordan Pass)

09.10.15 - By Oliver

The Jordan Pass allows access to 40 sites with one ticket –

 The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Jordan is happy to announce that it has launched a unified ticket for visiting tourists under the name “Jordan Pass”. The ticket allows visitors to gain access to a number of touristic sites, historic locations and museums in aim to encourage them to visit various sites and prolong their stay in Jordan.

The price of the ticket is JOD 70, equivalent to USD 99, or £65.

The purpose of the ticket is to encourage tourists to visit a large number of historical sites, shed some light on lesser known touristic attractions, to make their trip easier with suggested itineraries, to construct easier access, and guarantee travelers a longer more enjoyable stay in the Kingdom.

Moreover, the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Mr. Nayef H. Al Fayez has stated “The importance of the Jordan Pass is to save tourists time, money, and stress during their visits around the country, giving them the ability to make the most out of their trips. Through this pass we are reflecting the hospitality of the Jordanian people; a large characteristic of what makes Jordan such a unique destination. The initiative also reflects that Jordan continues to be a leader in utilizing current technologies in aims to employ online tools that gain the destination larger exposure and enhance the tourism experience.”

The Managing Director of the Jordan Tourism Board, Dr. Abed Al Razzak Arabiyat added “JTB would be carrying a comprehensive campaign in order to market the Jordan Pass across the globe and among all concerning markets, encouraging all tourists to buy the pass before their planned arrival to the Kingdom.”