20.10.15 - By Oliver

Is Jordan safe to visit?

It’s a natural enough question to ask; Is Jordan a safe travel destination? And the answer is simple enough; Jordan is considered just as safe as any other major tourist destination in the world.

Not only are you able to openly visit, explore and enjoy the country but now is perhaps the best time to ...

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10.10.15 - By Oliver

Ainsley Harriot journeys to Jordan to uncover the country’s street food secrets

Renowned chef and TV personality Ainsley Harriot will be exploring the back streets of Jordan’s capital to discover the hidden secrets of the local street food influencing chefs the world over for Channel 4’s ‘Ainsley Harriott’s Street Food’.

The documentary follows Ainsley around the world and aims to educate viewers on the food enjoyed by ...

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09.10.15 - By Oliver

Jordan becomes the first Arab country to launch a tourist pass (Jordan Pass)

The Jordan Pass allows access to 40 sites with one ticket –

 The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Jordan is happy to announce that it has launched a unified ticket for visiting tourists under the name “Jordan Pass”. The ticket allows visitors to gain access to a number of touristic sites, historic locations and ...

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