Ainsley Harriot journeys to Jordan to uncover the country’s street food secrets

10.10.15 - By Oliver

Renowned chef and TV personality Ainsley Harriot will be exploring the back streets of Jordan’s capital to discover the hidden secrets of the local street food influencing chefs the world over for Channel 4’s ‘Ainsley Harriott’s Street Food’.

The documentary follows Ainsley around the world and aims to educate viewers on the food enjoyed by different cultures, including Amman in Jordan. The episode, which will aired on Sunday 19th July, saw Ainsley experience the culinary traditions of Jordanian street food formed from the exotic flavours and recipes of the Middle East.

Ainsley’s journey begins with a Jordanian food blogger to explore the tradition of authentic home-style cooking where he tastes a Jordanian favourite, the falafel. Along with the more familiar dishes he also looks to unearth the unusual recipes cooked in the Bedouin households across the city.

After a refreshing glass of sugar cane juice Ainsley crosses the city where he finds a family run ice-cream shop that has been using the same recipe for generations. Ainsley continues his journey with a visit to the ancient roman citadel where he meets Jordan native Abu Salem who shows him the best cuisine off the beaten track. For breakfast Ainsley awakens the senses with spiced tomato and chickpea sauces, freshly baked flatbread and creamy hummus. He then delves deeper into the back streets of the capital and immerses himself in Amman’s dining hotspots, where the locals order kebabs or barbequed lamp chops.